martes, 6 de noviembre de 2012

Wicked Queen from Walt Disney's Snow White and the seven dwarfs

Hi!!! I've created another Disney villain, the Wicked Queen from Snow White. She is one of my favourite Disney characters, so I had to create her.
Enjoy ;)

Download Wicked Queen Sim
Download Wicked Queen Headdress
Download Wicked Queen Dress
Download Wicked Queen Crown
Download Wicked Queen Cloak

10 comentarios:

  1. •.¸¸☆´¯`•.You make ♥ my dreams come true!♥

    Kisses. Eli♥

  2. Love you for this!! <3
    Really awesome work, she looks just like Maleficent!

  3. Thank you very much for your nice words. You're very kind ;)

  4. Parabéns seu blog é maravilhoso!!!

  5. Hi Sil !
    Your Evil Queen is so amazing !! One of my favourites villains ever !!
    In the film, the inside of the cloak is red and the sleeves are in a différent color than the dress. Could you make this two parts recolourables please ??? It would suit her so perfectly !!
    Thank you !!

  6. I'm sorry but I don't have enough free time now. Maybe in the future...

  7. I see. Thank you for your kind answer !
    Where did you find the lights on the second picture ? They look perfectly similar to the film and I want to build her castle. Thanks again !!

  8. could you make Evil Queen old witch and also could you make seven dwarfs from the movie snow white and seven dwarfs