viernes, 26 de marzo de 2010

Francis Ford Coppola's Dracula Project (Characters, clothes, accessories and poses)

Hi my dear simmers. I've created some of the characters based on the movie called Dracula of Bram Stoker directed by Francis Ford Coppola. I love that movie an I hope you enjoy my creations as well as me.
IMPORTANT: You need all the EP's to play with the sims.
The poses are based on sexual and violent content shown in the movie. Please, don't download the posepack if you 're younger than 18 years old.

Count Dracula

Download Count Dracula Stoker
Download SIL_DraculaGown
Download SIL_Dracula_Hair
You need:
No eyebrows by Esmeralda found here:

Dracula-Vlad the Impaler & Mina Murray-Elisabetta

Dracula-Vlad the Impaler
Download Vlad Dracula Sim
Download SIL_Dracula_Armour
Download SIL_Dracula_ArmourBoots
You need:
WildSoul HairStyle by Newsea for males found here:
Rule Britannia Set by Social Sims found here:
AM BodyTuxedoTails Unlocked nd Gothic Hat Conversion as an Accessory:
Round Glasses by Esmeralda found here:

Mina Murray-Elisabetta
Download Mina Murray Sim
Download SIL_ElisabettaDress
Download SIL_Elisabetta_Crown
Download SIL_MinaDress_Lime
Download SIL_Mina_Hat
Download SIL_MinaDress_Red
You need:
HairStyle 017 by SkySims found here:

Lucy Westenra

Download Lucy Westenra Human Sim
Download Lucy Westenra Vampire Sim
Download SIL_LucyDress_Red
Download SIL_LucyDress_Red_OnlyTop
Download SIL_LucyDress_Vampire
Download SIL_LucyHatHair_Vampire (It's hair)
Download SIL_Lucy_NeckAccessory_Vampire
Download SIL_LucyCloakAccessory_Vampire
You need:
Sexy Bomb HairStyle by Newsea found here:

You need Lemonleaf's Skin 3.0 for all the characters:

Bleeding Cross Sculpture

Download SIL_Dracula_Cross_Sculpture

Bloody Beverage (Cloned from the Cup of Coffee)

Download SIL_BloodyBeverage


Download SIL_Crucifix_Accessory

Download SIL_Hammer_Accessory
Download SIL_Stake_Accessory

Download SIL_Spear_Accessory
Download SIL_Spear_Decor

Download SIL_Dracula_Poses