sábado, 25 de mayo de 2013

Snow White and her Prince

Hi my dear Simmers!!!
I've created the Sim of the First Disney Princess, Snow White. I like this movie because it was the first animated full-lenght film and it became very revolutionary and a great achievement in the Animation World.

Download Snow White.Sims3Pack

Download SIL_SnowWhite_Dress.package
Download SnowWhite_Hair
Download SnowWhite_Bow
Download SnowWhite_Shoes

Download Prince Florian.Sims3Pack

Download SIL_Prince_SnowWhite_Outfit.package

The boots are the same as those that Prince Eric from the Little Mermaid wears :
Download Eric_Boots

You can find the cloaks here:

You need European Skin by Lemonleaf here:

    Snow White singing in the city with the cute animals.

Cloaks and Hooded Cloaks accessories for adults and children

Hi simmers!!! I've created cloaks for the Sims. They're accessories.
Enjoy ;)

Download SIL_Cloak_Accessory_af

Download SIL_Cloak_Accessory_am

Download SIL_Hood_Cloak_Accessory_am
Download SIL_Hood_Cloak_Accessory_af

Download SIL_Cloak_Accessory_Children

Download SIL_Hood_Cloak_Accessory_Children

sábado, 4 de mayo de 2013

miércoles, 1 de mayo de 2013

The main characters from Walt Disney's The Little Mermaid

Hi my dear simmers.
I've decided to create some sims based on one of my favorite Disney movies, the Little Mermaid.
I've made my first hair meshes for Ariel and Eric. As my first hair meshes, they may be not really good but I try my best.
You need all the EP's to play with them.
Enjoy ;)

Download Ariel Little Mermaid Sim
Download SIL_LittleMermaid_Tail
Download SIL_LittleMermaid_Dress
Download SIL_LittleMermaid_Bow
Download SIL_LittleMermaid_Hair

Download Prince Eric Sim
Download SIL_Eric_Hair
Download SIL_Eric_Outfit
Download SIL_Eric_Boots

King Triton (I used a hair mesh made by Cazy, but her blog was deleted and her creations too. I can't give a link so you'd better use any hair mesh you want)
You will need the long beard made by Thunder and Lightning and marshmallows found here:

Download King Triton Sim
Download SIL_Merman_Tail
Download SIL_Triton_Crown
Download SIL_Triton_Bracelets
Download SIL_Triton_Trident

Ursula (The body only has the fatest morph. It is because the mesh has a lot of polygons. Her hair is a Late Night EP male hair conversion for females)
Download Ursula Sim
Download SIL_Ursula_Body
Download SIL_Ursula_Necklace
Download SIL_Ursula_Hair
Download SIL_Ursula_Earrings

I used a skintone made by Lemonleaf for Ariel, Eric and King Triton:

I used the 10 sliders by Johna to enlarge King Triton shoulders:

You can find Flounder here, (by Jennisims):