sábado, 30 de marzo de 2013

Sims 3 Images & Stories

Hi my dear Simmers.
Here, you'll find all my stories and images captured with this amazing game, The Sims 3.




Life of Pi

Pirates of Caribbean On Stranger Tides

Me and my Children: Ip Man, Bruce and Brandon

Riding my Dragon to the war. If I fall in battle I will die with the sword in my hand

Shark Attack!!!

miércoles, 20 de marzo de 2013

Perseus and Medusa

Hi my dear Simmers. I made two characters based on one of my favourite mythological stories, Perseus and Medusa.
I hope you like them.

Important: You need all the EP's to play with the two sims.


Download Perseus Sim
Download SIL_Perseus_Top
Download SIL_Perseus_Skirt
Download SIL_Perseus_Sandals
Download SIL_Perseus_Helmet_Accessory
Download SIL_Perseus_Shield_Accessory
Download SIL_Perseus_Sickle-Sword_Accessory

You need:
Asian Skin by Lemonleaf:


Download Medusa Sim
Download Medusa_Body
Download Medusa_Headdress
(Be careful if you want to download the headdress because it is a high polygoned mesh)

You need:
My Visitor's lenses:

Taste the Rainbow Skintones by Lady Frontbum (Olive & Umber Naughty Skintones):

I made Medusa as a vampire because I wanted her to have glowing eyes. But I changed the typical vampire skin with this mod by Misukisu:

Bows Accessories by Cloudwalker:

If you want the Dead Head as Accessory, you can find it here:
Download SIL_Dead_Head_Accessory

viernes, 1 de marzo de 2013

Bruce Lee Sim + Jeet Kune Do Poses

Hi Simmers!!!
I've created a sim of Bruce Lee. A man that I love and respect because of his humility, his goodness, his amazing way of seeing life, his philosophy, his strenght and his great physical skills. That's why I wanted to create a sim based on him and some poses based on his own Jeet Kune Do fighting style.
You need World Adventures and Late Night EP's to use fit sliders.
Enjoy and be water my friends ;)

Download Bruce Lee Sim
Download SIL_BruceLee_Shirt
Download SIL_BruceLee_Pants
Download SIL_BruceLee_StripeJumper
Download SIL_BruceLee_StripePants
Download SIL_BruceLee_NudeTopScars
Download SIL_BruceLee_CostumeMakeupScars
Download SIL_BruceLee_Shoes

You will need:
Sizz's HaNui Hair Conversion by My Blue Book:


Download JeetKuneDo Poses (With List)