domingo, 26 de noviembre de 2017

Wicked Queen from Walt Disney's Snow White and the seven dwarfs

Hi!!! I've created another Disney villain, the Wicked Queen from Snow White. She is one of my favourite Disney characters, so I had to create her.
Enjoy ;)

Download Queen Grimhilde.Sims3Pack

Download SIL_QueenGrimhilde_Dress.package

Download SIL_QueenGrimhilde_Headdress.package

Download SIL_QueenGrimhilde_Crown.package

Download SIL_QueenGrimhilde_Cloak.package

You need Lemonleaf skin:

Download SIL_QueenGrimhilde_MagicMirror.package
(You need Supernatural EP)

Download SIL_QueenGrimhilde_HeartBox.package
(It works as a music box. You need Ambitions EP)

Download Witch Grimhilde.Sims3Pack

Download SIL_QueenGrimhilde-Witch_Gown.package

Download SIL_QueenGrimhildeWitch_Hair.package

Download SIL_QueenGrimhildeWitch_Hood.package

Download SIL_QueenGrimhildeWitch_Wart.package

Download Apple_Basket.package

Apple Accessory by Tudart:

You will need Hat Slider by aWT for the crown and the hood:

Special Make up Teeth by Monochrome:

Jaw Sliders by OneEuroMutt:

Download SIL_PoisonedApple.package
(You need Supernatural EP)

You will find Snow White and Prince Florian Sims here:

The Seven Dwarfs from Walt Disney's Snow White and the seven dwarfs

Hi my dear Simmers.
Here you have the Seven Dwarfs from Walt Disney's Snow White and the seven dwarfs movie.
Hope you enjoy them.

Download Doc Dwarf.Sims3Pack

Download Grumpy Dwarf.Sims3Pack

Download Happy Dwarf.Sims3Pack

Download Sleepy Dwarf.Sims3Pack

Download Sneezy Dwarf.Sims3Pack

Download Bashful Dwarf.Sims3Pack

Download Dopey Dwarf.Sims3Pack

Download SIL_DwarfChildren_Outfit.package

Download SIL_DwarfDopey_Outfit.package

Download SIL_DwarfDoc_Outfit.package

Download SIL_DwarfChildren_Hair.package

Download SIL_DwarfChildren_ShortBeard.package (It is an accessory for children)

Download SIL_DwarfChildren_LongBeard.package (It is an accessory for children)

Download SIL_DwarfChildren_Shoes.package

Download SIL_DwarfChildren_Hood1.package

Download SIL_DwarfChildren_Hood2.package

Download SIL_DwarfChildren_NoseMakeUp.package

Download SIL_DwarfChildren_PickAccessory.package

You need Lemonleaf skin:

The Dwarfs are really children. I have made them a little shorter with Jona Height Sliders (Download in the 8th post of this site):

You will need Hat Slider by aWT for the hoods:

You will find Snow White and Prince Florian Sims here:

viernes, 10 de noviembre de 2017


Hi my dear simmers!!!
I just made a Japanese Restaurant for my sims.
Hope you enjoy it ;)

You need all the EP's to play with the community lot

In addition you will need:

Japanese Paintings Sets by:

Kilhian Lair:


Normal Tatami rugs set by SnakeLegs:

Oshiire doors set by SnakeLegs:

Kakejiku Set by SankeLegs:

Japanese Dolls set by Cakestore:

Deco japanese Clutter by Noiranddarksims (the site is not active but the content should be included in the sims3pack):

Japanese Lantern Set by Dot:

lunes, 30 de octubre de 2017

Trick or Treat Halloween Store Community Lot

Hi my dear Simmers.
Here it is a community lot where your Sims can get their costumes for Halloween.
Hope you enjoy this:


Download SIL_HalloweenStencilsPainting_1.package

Download SIL_HalloweenStencilsPainting_2.package

Download SIL_HalloweenStencilsPainting_3.package

Download SIL_HalloweenStencilsPainting_4.package

Download SIL_HalloweenSignPainting.package

Download SIL_HalloweenMask_Deco_1.package

Download SIL_HalloweenMask_Deco_2.package

Download SIL_HalloweenCostumeBox.package

Download SIL_HalloweenCostumeBox_2.package

Download SIL_HalloweenCostumeBox_3.package

Download SIL_HalloweenCostumeBox_4.package

Download SIL_HalloweenCostumeBox_5.package

You will need:

Halloween Sets By JenniSims:

Set Victoriano by Luna SimsLulamai:

Set Medieval Dungeon Museum by Demonic Creations:

Shop for Cloting Display Pedestal Mod by Ani_:

The Savvier Seller Mod by Ani_:

Halloween Cookies by Icemunmun and One Billion Pixels:

Halloween sets by The 13thSim:

Spooky Sets by Cyclonesue:

Garnier Set by The Sims Key:

Freddy Krueger by Cloudwalker:

The set Halloween Masks by Cloudwalker:

And my projects:

A single compilation with all the objects of the lot:

Regan McNeil from the Exorcist Sim

Hi my dear Simmers.
Here it is another nightmare from my childhood...
Try to sleep after seeing this movie at night, when you are just a little girl who is used to watch Disney movies...

Download REGAN MCNEIL.Sims3Pack

Download SIL_Regan_McNeil_Nightgown.package

Download SIL_ReganMcNeil_Makeup_Blush.package

Jordan Hairstyle by Newsea:

Supernatural EP for the skin and the rest of the make up.

You can find the Crusifix Aceesory here:

Poses by Studio K2:

Frankenstein Creature and his Bride Sims

Hi my dear Simmers.
An Horror Movie Classic:
Frankenstein Creature and his Bride:

Download FRANKENSTEIN.Sims3Pack


Download SIL_Frankenstein_Bride_Gown.package

Download SIL_Frankenstein_Bride_MakeUp.package

You need:
EP Supernatural for the skin and the rest of the EP's too.

Halloween Stuff set from the Sims Store:

Novelty Accessory Set by Blackgarden:

Pennywise from IT movie

Hello my dear simmers.
Here you have Pennywise, from the movie called it that was filmed in 1990.
I liked the clowns until I watched this movie...

Download PENNYWISE.Sims3Pack

Download SIL_Pennywise_Outfit.package

Download SIL_Pennywise_ClownNose_Accessory.package

Download SIL_Pennywise_Hair.package

Download SIL_Pennywise_NeckAccessory.package

Download SIL_Pennywise_MakeUp.package

Download SIL_Pennywise_Claws.package

Download SIL_Pennywise_Balloons_Accessory.package

Download SIL_Paperboat_Toy.package (Playable toy for children)

Download SIL_Paperboat_Object.package (Just for decor)

Count Orlok Nosferatu Sim

Hi my dear Simmers.
Here it is the most ancient vampire of the Cinema, Nosferatu:


Download SIL_Nosferatu_Teeth_Accessory.package

You need Supernatural EP for the Clothes and the Makeup

Truly Bald Hair by Paroxysm: