lunes, 1 de noviembre de 2010

Puticlub Totally Goth Community Lot

Hi my dear Simmers.

Last week I was searching on the Internet for new interactions and hacked objects for my Sims 3 and I found a website with a funny sex mod with lots of sexual animations, so I had the brilliant idea of building a gothic church to make sacrifices and have "fun" with other people.
Hope you enjoy this:

Puticlub Totally Goth Community Lot

... And all the Disney characters having "fun"...

... And this is how the fairy tale of Beauty and the Beast really ends... Belle gives her "love" to the Beast" and the Beast becomes human again...

... And they lived happily ever after...

Download Puticlub TotallyGoth.Sims3Pack

You need:

From LunaSimsLulamai Site:

Set Mausoleo:

Ventana Reloj:

Set Cripta Vistalegre:

Set Mezclas:

Camas Colgantes:

From Cyclonesue The Sims Resource Site:

Set Castle Lore:

From Sasilia The Sims Resource Site:

From Illiana The Sims Resource Site:

From Dot The Sims Resource Site:

The Sims 3 Medieval Furniture converted to the Sims 3 by Cocomama:

From Demonic Creations Site:
Crypt of the Vampire Set:

Medieval Dungeon Museum:

Pentagram Rug from FL Club:

Gore Set Bloody Decor Set By Syren:

Silent Hill Homecoming: Cemetery Series Set by That Scary Chick at Garden of Shadows:

Church Set from Around the Sims Site:

My Cross Sculture and Bloody Beberage from my Dracula's Set:

My Bloody Bath from my Erzsébet Báthory Set:

And the Sex Mods and Items:

Crammyboy's Penismesh Accessory Soft and Erect by Base1980:


Default Replacement Penis with Morphs and Noveau Nudist Set by CmarNYC:

Stockade BDSM Furniture:

Female Masturbation Mirror By Oscar:

Kinky World Mod From LoversLab Site:

Sims Animations for this Mod:




The Master:

Graphical XTC Mod:

Animated Woohoo Mod by LadyMoiraine: