jueves, 23 de agosto de 2012

Viking Helmet (For Males and Females)

I created this Helmet. It's an accessory and can be resized with the sliders made by aWT:

#aWT Slider Set: "Hat Control" Link

It looks weird in CAS, but looks pretty good while playing the game.

Download Viking Helmet (For Male and Female)

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  1. This super cool! Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. love your creations so far! keep up the good work! :-)

  3. where did you get the clothes from?? the hat looks great - but as a scandinavian i must say that the vikings never had horns on their helmets... some germans did a few centuries earlier but the viking never did - but dont mind me im just a geek anyway :) it looks cool though! :D

  4. Yes, I know... I read it in an internet article. It said that the horned helmet was an invention made by Hollywood films, and the real helmet viking hadn't got horns. Anyway, I like the horned helmet and I know that lots of people relate it to the vikings XD The clothes are Sims Medieval conversions and can be found here: .moreawesomethanyou.com/smf/index.php?topic=20137.0 Find all threads by Cocomama and you'll get Medieval objects and clothes.
    I'm glad you like my work ;)

  5. The link was wrong sorry...