jueves, 8 de noviembre de 2012

Dracula Sim, Jack the Ripper Sim, a new Dracula cloak and some items unlocked from the Base Game

Today is the 165th birthday of Bram Stoker and I want to make a tribute with my new works: The Dracula Sim and his vampire cloak.


Download Count Dracula Sim
Download SIL_Dracula_Cloak_am
Download Am Body Tuxedo Tails (Suit Unlocked)
Download Am Accessory Necklace Medal (Unlocked)

All the rest is found in the game: The hair is from Nightlife and you will need Supernatural EP or Nightlife to create Dracula vampire.

Jack The Ripper

Download Jack The Ripper Sim
Download Gothic Hat Conversion as accessory am and af
The hat is a conversion of the gothic hat from the Base Game. It is an accessory and can be used by males and females.
I downloaded the knife here, but I don't know if the creator has removed the download:
You can find an accessory knife here too, it looks awesome too:

Vampire Cloak for Females


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  1. Definitely...:D! We love ♥ the same
    also on the anniversary of Bram Stoker
    .•★ * '¨Is Perfect! `* •. ☆

    And Jack the Ripper...:)there is research that suggest was a woman, but nothing is certain

    Thank you very much dear Sil, you know that I'm your follower number one ♥

    Thanks Again for all•.¸¸☆´¯`•.¸and for be this way

  2. Thank you this very cool cloak and just what I was looking for :D

  3. Thank you SO MUCH for the capes!!! Now why didn't EA think of that? *SIGH*

  4. Thank you!!! You all are very kind!!! Yes I read an article about the possibility that Jack the Ripper could be a woman but I decided create the immortal Jack the ripper as a man because it is the way that has always been in history ;) Do you know if there's any evidence about the fact that could be a woman? This character is very interesting for me. Yes, as you can see, I feel a little attracted to the killers, but I swear that my mind is really healthy XD

  5. Lol! No Doubt ;)

    ''Morris's theory is supported by the findings of an Australian scientist who in 2006 used swabs from letters supposedly sent to police by the Ripper to build a partial DNA profile of the killer.

    The results suggested that the person who murdered and mutilated at least five women from 1888 onwards may have been a woman''<------------ This is the excerpt of this article, do not know if you've seen this is the link:

    for this I love that you made version for women!

  6. Hey!!! This is really interesting... Let me take a look... Thank you for the information ;)

  7. This is so cool and creepy. Excellent job and cool pics too.

    Where can I get that pretty blue dress in the Dracula picture?

  8. Thank you! But is it possible to find somwhere this TSM converted dress from the picture, where Dracula kisses the girl (the 3d from the top)?

  9. Hey!!! I'm sorry. I haven't read the comments for a long time. You can download the dress here: http://www.mediafire.com/?ra0d61lse9yfbel

  10. Hi, I know this post is quite old(ish), but I was just wondering where, if at all, I can find the gowns Dracula's brides are wearing?

    Thanks in advanced! :)

  11. Hi Lilithmae1231!!! You can find the gown here: http://www.thesimsresource.com/themes/medieval/downloads/details/category/sims3-clothing-female/title/ekinege--queen-dress/id/1039768/

    1. Is there a way I can get the brides? I have my own castle with Dracula. I just really need the brides and yours looks amazing.

  12. or at least the hair of the brides would do nicely. I really like their hair.

  13. Hi Christian!!! I've uploaded the 3 Brides for you. They're here:




    The brunette has this hair by Newsea:


    The Redhead has this one by Newsea too:


    And the Blonde has this hairstyle by Skysims:


    And the vampire makeup by MINISZ:


    Enjoy ;)

  14. This is fabulous !!
    I'm working on Dracula's characters (inpired by Coppola's film) and I dream about having the incredible hairstyle old Dracula wears at the beginning of the film (2 buns with the long braid backside). Could you make it ?? I think your work is incredible and I'm a big fan !

    Thanks and sorry for my bad english,


  15. I'm sorry but I need to improve a lot doing hairstyles. Maybe, when I improve my skill to do this, I will try to do Dracula's hairstyle

  16. Great work!! I love Dracula's one. Are you from Mexico as me? See you

  17. No, soy española. De Barcelona. Encantada de conocerte ;)