viernes, 8 de febrero de 2013

3 Smurfs Sims and a Smurf House Lot

Download Smurf Sim
Download Papa Smurf Sim
Download Smurfette Sim

Download SIL_Smurfs_bottom_am
Download SIL_Smurfs_Hat
Download SIL_Smurfs_Tail_Accessory

To play with the Smurfette Sim you will need:
"The Lucky One" Hair set for females by Elexis:
The dress and the shoes are from the Base Game.

To play with the male Smurfs Sims you need:
Nude top for males by Alex_Stanton1983:

Important: You need all the EP's to play with the house.

Download Smurfs House Lot
Download SIL_Smurfs_House_Decor

You need:

The Sims Medieval Object Conversions by Cocomama (Search for the last thread by Cocomama):

Medieval Kitchen Set and Medieval Bathroom  Set by Shino & KCR:

The Medieval Sims object conversions by Jenni Sims:

Medieval Melted Candle Set by Dot:

Set Mercadillo by LunaSimsLulamai:

Chinese Elegant Kitchen by M&T SimCakeStore:模拟人生3-sims3/物品-objects/中式物品1/

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