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The main characters from Walt Disney's The Little Mermaid

Hi my dear simmers.
I've decided to create some sims based on one of my favorite Disney movies, the Little Mermaid.
I've made my first hair meshes for Ariel and Eric. As my first hair meshes, they may be not really good but I try my best.
You need all the EP's to play with them.
Enjoy ;)

Download Ariel Little Mermaid Sim
Download SIL_LittleMermaid_Tail
Download SIL_LittleMermaid_Dress
Download SIL_LittleMermaid_Bow
Download SIL_LittleMermaid_Hair

Download Prince Eric Sim
Download SIL_Eric_Hair
Download SIL_Eric_Outfit
Download SIL_Eric_Boots

King Triton (I used a hair mesh made by Cazy, but her blog was deleted and her creations too. I can't give a link so you'd better use any hair mesh you want)
You will need the long beard made by Thunder and Lightning and marshmallows found here:

Download King Triton Sim
Download SIL_Merman_Tail
Download SIL_Triton_Crown
Download SIL_Triton_Bracelets
Download SIL_Triton_Trident

Ursula (The body only has the fatest morph. It is because the mesh has a lot of polygons. Her hair is a Late Night EP male hair conversion for females)
Download Ursula Sim
Download SIL_Ursula_Body
Download SIL_Ursula_Necklace
Download SIL_Ursula_Hair
Download SIL_Ursula_Earrings

I used a skintone made by Lemonleaf for Ariel, Eric and King Triton:

I used the 10 sliders by Johna to enlarge King Triton shoulders:

You can find Flounder here, (by Jennisims):

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  1. I LOVE YOU!!!! This is WONDERFUL! Thanks so much, I love mermaids! :D

  2. Hi! They are great but i have a problem... When i put on the tail my sims feet are still visible. What to do ?

  3. Thank you!!! I'm glad you like it!!! Yes you're right. Omega made a Medieval Dress conversion and he made an invisible feet mod. You can find it in the same compressed file: http://omegassims3stuff.blogspot.com.es/2011/06/my-moneys-on-witch.html

  4. I had the same idea but I'm not a creator so I couldn't find the right CC for my sims, but yours are close to perfection thanks for sharing !

  5. hi there i'm a sims3 lover and i love to designe sims on 3D even that i have much difficult to do it could you make a tutorial of making accessory ou clothes on milkshape? i know that there is mod the sims but i just wanna learn how to use milkshape properly =o please?

  6. I'm sorry but I work with Maya. I've never used Milkshape for modelling, I only use it to do the bone assignment. I think that if you searched on google, you would find some learning tutorials for Milkshape. It's a famous program so I think that it shouldn't be very difficult to find tutorials. ;)

  7. Amazing I loved it as a Disney fan and as a Sims fan I can wait to see what else you plan to do

    1. Thank you!!! I'm thinking of creating more Disney Sims if I have time ;)

  8. Wow you are sooo talented I was wishing somebody would create this type of stuff I am so glad I found your blog!!! THANKYOU :)

  9. Una vez mas me emociono al ver tu trabajo ♥ muy interesante Ursula, es perfecta, me encanta♥!♥! :) muchas gracias por existir ☆

  10. I've had an Ursula in my game for a long time but never could find anything close to an octopus bottom or dress for her, nor the right jewelry. Thank you so much for these fantastic creations! ♥

  11. Ooooooohhh you are so kiiind. I'm almost crying with all the emotion I feel reading your words!!! XD Thank you very much to all of you. Muchas gracias White Enamel!!! Siempre me pones roja con tus halagos!!!

  12. I love all your creations! I was wondering if you knew that if you keep the "auto smooth" checked on in milkshape it creates the creases in your meshes? Not only creases but it messes with the lighting/shaders as well. I know that if you ran your creations through the tool cmar made on modthesims, these would be even more great! :) It will fix them faster than trying to redo them. Thanks again for all your lovely works!

  13. I didn't know. I work with Maya to create the meshes. I only use Milkshape to do the bone assignment so I don't know the program as well as I would like. If you had any tutorial about this I would thank you very much for it

  14. Hey Sil! Sorry I just got back to this post. Here is the tool from modthesims I was thinking would work for the previous sims--> http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=479479

    Also, for future creations, when you start up milkshape make sure the "autosmooth" is unchecked, its in the groups section. Then you can import your meshes from maya and then export, you wont have the creases or weird textures in game after that, they should be perfect.

    I hope this helps, I use Maya too and its pretty annoying when something as small as unchecking a box can mess up your hard work. Since I upgraded to Win 7 I cant even get the programs to work for me, all I can do is create with maya and milkshape, but forget tsrw or ctu, which I need to actually make my meshes game playable. :( Crashes every time. /sadpanda

  15. I forgot to mention that I would love to have the Ursula bodymesh with morphs, I was thinking of making a princess type version of her that is thin. If you would allow me to modify the mesh for thin and fit morphs, I could work on those for you to make them game playable. I have no way to get the meshes into the game at the moment.

  16. Hey thank yuo very much for all this information!!! It is very useful to me. If you could give me a mail adress I would be able to send you the mesh of the Ursula's body. ;)

  17. Can u give me a link to no feet download please help

    1. Yes, you will find the mod here if you download this file:


    2. could you make ariel daughter melody as baby into a child and
      her mother queen athena and her 6 sisters aquata , andrina , arista , attina , adella , alana. also ursula sister morgana.

  18. I'm sorry I had to use the crown mesh you made in my latest render and any render I make of King Triton from this day forward: http://ohgunawakenedprodigy.deviantart.com/art/King-Triton-Combat-Armor-687004403?ga_submit_new=10%3A1497716164

    1. It's ok, don't worry. As long as you put me in the credits, it's ok. Thank you so much ;)

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