viernes, 7 de junio de 2013

Adult Dragons Deco and Baby Dragons Accessories

Hi my Dear Simmers.
I was practising with Maya and I decided to model my first Dragon mesh. Afterwards, I decided to put it in my game XD. Now your baby Dragons from Dragon Valley can have their parents too.
Enjoy ;)

Download SIL_Dragon_Accessory1
Download SIL_Dragon_Accessory2
Download SIL_Dragon_Accessory3

Download SIL_Dragon_Flying_Deco1

Download SIL_Dragon_Climbing_Deco2

Download SIL_Dragon_Ground_Deco3

11 comentarios:

  1. These are really awesome! Thanks. =D

  2. Everything on this blog is amazing

  3. I LOVE IT!!!!! (MurfeeL)

  4. Thanks!!! You all are very nice!!! ;)

  5. These are amazing! Immediate download. But, I have a question...where did you get the armor she's wearing? Well, where did you get any of the armor from the pictures with the girl riding the dragon and the guy the dragon is carrying? And also the princess all tied up...where did you get the pose and the object?

    1. Thank you!!! You can find all the outfits here: Find second thread by Cocomama):

      The princess dress:

      The objects is a normal column and the pose is an EA pose:

  6. Hi, I'm from Russia. (I can write with mistakes - I write through translator). I loved your work! You are very talented! (I have it) I am a girl

  7. Awesome dragons! The only question I have is, how did you get the dragon to breathe fire?

  8. I'm so excited to find this! I just started playing with the baby dragons, and I really wanted my sim to have the dragon riding on his shoulder all the time. Thank you!

    The adult dragons are awesome. I'll have to see what I can do with them.