martes, 23 de julio de 2013

Viking Ship (Drakkar) Floating House and a Viking Drinking Horn

Hi my dear simmers.
I've built a viking ship. It is a floating house. I wanted to have vikings in my game so I created it. I made a new viking drinking horn too, you can find it in the small appliances section. It is cloned from the cup of coffe.
Enjoy ;)

(Redownload the Viking Drinking Horn because the download was not right)

IMPORTANT: You need all the EP's to play with the lot.

Download Viking Ship Lot
Download Viking Ship Compilation
Download Viking Drinking Horn

You will need:

TSM Objects Conversions by Cocomama found here (Find the first thread):

Set mercadillo by LunaSimsLulamai found here:

TSM Blacksmith forge as a stove by Rose found here:

Skyrim Inspired decor set by Murfeel found here:

Medieval Melted candle set by Dot found here:

Chinese elegant Kitchen by  M&T Cakestore found here:

Invisible lights set by Land of Woe found here:

Cuadros piratas by Mar at JenniSims:

Medieval Blacksmith Deco Objects by Ye Olde Kingdom of Pudding found here:

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  1. OMG SO COOL! I love it all; thank you!

  2. This is so very, very wonderful!

  3. XDDDD Thank you very much. You all are very kind ;)

  4. Hi Sebastian. You can get one of the beards here:

    And the other was created by me for Khal Drogo: