jueves, 1 de mayo de 2014

Native American Project

Hi my dear simmers.
I love Native American people, so I wanted them in my game.

IMPORTANT: You need all the EP's to play with the Sims and the objects.

Download SIL_NativeAmerican_Pants.package
Download SIL_NativeAmericanDress.package

Download SIL_NativeAmericanHeaddress.package (Boy)
Download SIL_NativeAmerican_Headdress2.package (First girl)
Download SIL_NativeAmerican_FeathersAccessory.package (Second girl)
Download SIL_NativeAmericanNecklace1.package (Boy)
Download SIL_NativeAmericanNecklace2.package (Girl)

The tent is cloned from the World Adventures Tent:

Download SIL_NativeAmericanTent.package

You need Paradise Island EP to play with the conoe, of course:

Download SIL_NativeAmerican_Canoe.package

I recommend:

EA Store Waning Moon Set:

Natef005's Medieval Shoes:


Cloudwalker Archer Poses:

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  1. Holy moly. Thank you. Have I told you lately that I love you?

  2. I love you *.* This set it's perfect for the story of my blog, thanks!!!

  3. oh my gosh! i've been looking for stuff exactly like this :D thank you soooo much for making & sharing! :DD

  4. You're a miracle worker! I love your creations!

  5. I love you all too <3 XD I'm glad you like my creations. I takes a lot of work so your words are very confortable ;)

  6. Wonderful Creations. Thank you lots for sharing.

  7. I want to thank you for sharing this. I'm a native descendant myself (only I'm a Brazilian one) and you would not believe how hard it is to find good stuff about this wonderful culture.
    As a way to thank you... Hmm... Seeing that you like this to the point of making sims, let me show you something: There is a huge festival on Brazil (city of Parintins, on the Amazonas state) where two organizations (Boi Bumbá Garantido -this video is from there-, and Boi Bumbá Caprichoso) compete against each other. Each of them have tribes that show their dances, colors, and traditions (all original). They made this as an effort to make sure their traditions would not disapear forever. Sadly, some tribes are already disapearing, so, at least their dances will live forever this way.
    The tribes on this vídeo are the Manau, Parintintin (both clad in white, I'm dancing there by the way), and Wankö Kaçaueré (clad in yellow, black and red). Note that they use modern resourses, in special on illumination and confection of the clothes (we use artificial feathers, of course, no need to hurt our birds), but the dances are the real deal.
    On this dance, the Pajé (the doctor, sorcerer and wizard of the tribe) cures the Cunhã-Poranga (the most beautiful lady of the tribe). Both are individual itens that are equally avaliated on the competition.
    I hope you like and accept this as my thanks.
    htt ps :// www. you tube. com/ watch? v=tcmOyX4x1dQ (without the spaces)
    Ana Regina de Sousa Martins
    PS: Sorry for any grotesque gramatical error. English is not my best language, even if I can understand it pretty well.
    PS2: If you want to continue talking on facebook... that's the motive I gave you my full name. ^_~

    1. Woooooooooow!!! This is amazing!!! I want to get there to watch this in person. Thank you for the information and the video. Native American is such an interesting culture. It's very unfair all the the suffering that these people have had to face although that I'm Spanish and I know that my country was guilty of it like the English, French and Portuguese people. I feel ashamed.