domingo, 26 de noviembre de 2017

The Seven Dwarfs from Walt Disney's Snow White and the seven dwarfs

Hi my dear Simmers.
Here you have the Seven Dwarfs from Walt Disney's Snow White and the seven dwarfs movie.
Hope you enjoy them.

Download Doc Dwarf.Sims3Pack

Download Grumpy Dwarf.Sims3Pack

Download Happy Dwarf.Sims3Pack

Download Sleepy Dwarf.Sims3Pack

Download Sneezy Dwarf.Sims3Pack

Download Bashful Dwarf.Sims3Pack

Download Dopey Dwarf.Sims3Pack

Download SIL_DwarfChildren_Outfit.package

Download SIL_DwarfDopey_Outfit.package

Download SIL_DwarfDoc_Outfit.package

Download SIL_DwarfChildren_Hair.package

Download SIL_DwarfChildren_ShortBeard.package (It is an accessory for children)

Download SIL_DwarfChildren_LongBeard.package (It is an accessory for children)

Download SIL_DwarfChildren_Shoes.package

Download SIL_DwarfChildren_Hood1.package

Download SIL_DwarfChildren_Hood2.package

Download SIL_DwarfChildren_NoseMakeUp.package

Download SIL_DwarfChildren_PickAccessory.package

You need Lemonleaf skin:

The Dwarfs are really children. I have made them a little shorter with Jona Height Sliders (Download in the 8th post of this site):

You will need Hat Slider by aWT for the hoods:

You will find Snow White and Prince Florian Sims here:

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