domingo, 29 de enero de 2017

The Wizard of Oz Sims

Hi my dear Simmers.
I made a group of sims based on the movie called The Wizard of Oz. It was one of my favorite movies when I was a little girl and it's a classic.
I hope you enjoy these ;)


Download Dorothy.Sims3Pack

Download SIL_Dorothy_Dress.package

Download SIL_Dorothy_RubySlippers.package

Download SIL_Dorothy_BasketAccessory.package

You can find the hairstyle by SkySims here:


Download Scarecrow.Sims3Pack

Download SIL_Scarecrow_Outfit.package

Download SIL_Scarecrow_Makeup.package

Download SIL_Scarecrow_Hat.package

Tin Man

Download Tin_Man.Sims3Pack

Download SIL_TinMan_Outfit.package

Download SIL_TinMan_Shoes.package

Download SIL_TinMan_Headdress.package

Download SIL_TinMan_NoseMakeup.package

You can find the skin by Lady Frontbum here:

Cowardly Lion

Download Cowardly_Lion.Sims3Pack

Download SIL_LionBody.package

Download SIL_LionAccessories.package

Download SIL_Lion_Makeup.package

The hair is a conversion of the hairstyle called Helga's Curly hair conversion by Anubis 360:

Download Lion_Hair.package

Download Glinda.Sims3Pack

Download SIL_Glinda_Dress_Transparency.package

Download SIL_Glinda_Accessories_Transparency.package

Download SIL_Glinda_BubbleAccessory_Transparency.package

You need Supernatural EP to use the hairstyle

Download Wicked_Witch_of_the_West.Sims3Pack

Download SIL_WickedWitch_Dress.package

Download SIL_WickedWitch_Hat_Transparency.package

Download SIL_WickedWitch_Wart.package

Download SIL_WickedWitch_BroomWand.package

You need the Cloak accessory made by me:

You need the hairstyle called YU149 Candice by Newsea:

Download SIL_WickedWitch_Broom.package

You need Supernatural EP to use the color of the skin

Download Winged_Monkey.Sims3Pack

Download SIL_Winged_Monkey_Outfit.package

Download SIL_WingedMonkey_Wings_Transparency.package

Download SIL_WingedMonkey_Tail.package

Download SIL_WingedMonkey_Hat.package

You need Supernatural EP to use the color of the skin

You need Jona's Sliders to change the height of the Sim (The 8th post):

11 comentarios:

  1. Omg this is the best! I love your gameplay pictures; it's just like the movie!!! :D

  2. Hallo! I'm a really big fan of your Work! The little mermaid 2 is my absolute lovin moviel! Is it possible that you make ariel in the violett dress And in the yellow/White dress? And melody in her fressen??? Xoxo

  3. I love your creativity and im really glad you are still doing stuff for sims 3!!!I wish you the best and always have fun ^^

  4. Thank you all for your kind words. I'm sorry but I don't take requests Beauty. I have a little free time because I have a job and making custom content for the game takes a lot of time and work.

  5. Parabéns isso é crivável!! Lindo!!

  6. I came here from TSR after seeing your download and am so GLAD I DID! What an amazing story and recreation! Thoroughly impressive! Awesome work and thanks for sharing!!!

    1. Thank you!!! The Wizard of Oz is one of my favorite movies since I was very young and I had to do this. I'm glad you like it ;)

  7. Where did you get the oz world for the sims 3?

    1. It's not a world. I just made sets to take the screenshots ;)