viernes, 26 de mayo de 2017

Chronicles of Narnia Characters and Animals

Hi my dear simmers. I wanted to recreate one of the most famous pieces of literature of the 20th century by C.S. Lewis. I loved this story when I was a child. I hope you enjoy this.

 The Pevensies

You need all the Base Game and the Supernatural and Island Paradise EP's to play with the Sims 

You need SkySims Hair 010 for children:

You may want to have different heights for your sims. You can use the height sliders made by Jonha. Search on the 8th post:

The Pevensies, Once a king or queen of Narnia, always a king or queen of Narnia

High King Peter the Magnificent, Queen Susan the Gentle, King Edmund the Just and Queen Lucy the Valiant

You can find the cloaks here: 

You will need my cat size Slider in order to increase the cat size. Search on the comments section of this blog entry:

You will need the NRaas MasterController in order to use more than one accessory for the cat:

You will need Supernatural EP for the skin

You can find the cloaks here: 

You will need the Medieval conversion Crown made by Cupcakes taste like Violence:

You will need to use MasterController to change the gender of the accessory:

Scarf Accessory by JS Sims 3:

You need  the no feet mod for males by Cupcakes taste like Violence (Search on this post):

You need  the no feet mod for females by Cupcakes taste like Violence (Search on this post):

The Centauress uses a Peggy Hairstyle but her site seems to be unactive but Anubis has made a retexture:

Unfortunately, the centaurs only move the forelegs, I couldn't make the back legs work although I tried and tried... 

Bow accessory by Severinka:

You nedd Lemonleaf skin for all the Sims:


The three animals are cats reshaped and resized with sliders:

Oneeuromutt's sliders:

PharaohHound's Tail thickness sliders:

Stable Welcome to Paradise leg slider for cats and dogs:


Theseus and the Minotaur


Fawn and a nymph

Flute accessory by Cakestore:

... And a gift...

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  1. Mon Dieu! You have amazed me!! Well well done!!!

  2. These are the things that keep Sims 3 fresh. It's such a marvelous job!

  3. I am in love with your Centaurs!! I love how you used the sims3 Pets horse body it makes the CC look like it belongs in the game. You should consider taking the Pets foal horse body and making some Centaur Children. :D