domingo, 21 de enero de 2018

Walt Disney costumes for children

Hi my dear Simmers.
If you have children in the Sims 3 and they want to be their favourite Disney characters, here you have Walt Disney costumes for children.
Enjoy ;)

(I have reuploaded de costumes in order to try to improve the bone assignments. It is very hard because these are completely new meshes, not based in the EA meshes and I do the bone assignment automatically with a reference mesh from the game, so the meshes are a little different and the bone assignments are a true hell for me, but I do the best I can.)

Snow White Costumes

Download SIL_SnowWhite_Dress_Children.package

Download SIL_SnowWhite_Bow_Children.package

Download SIL_Prince_Florian_Outfit_Children.package

Cinderella Costumes

Download SIL_Cinderella_Dress_Children.package

Download SIL_Cinderella_Earrings_Children.package

Download SIL_Cinderella_Hairband_Children.package

Download SIL_PrinceCinderella_Outfit_Children.package

Sleeping Beauty Costumes

Download SIL_SleepingBeautyDress_Children.package

Download SIL_SleepingBeauty_Crown_Children.package

Download SIL_SleepingBeauty_Necklace_Children.package

Download SIL_PrincePhillip_Outfit_Children.package

Download SIL_PrincePhilip_Hat_Children.package

Download SIL_PrincePhillip_Cloak_Children.package

Little Mermaid Costumes (Merchildren)

Download SIL_Little_Mermaid_Tail_Children.package

Download SIL_Little_Mermaid_Tail_Bottom_Children.package

Little Mermaid Costumes (Human form)

Download SIL_LittleMermaid_Dress_Children.package

Download SIL_LittleMermaid_Bow_Children.package

Download SIL_Eric_Outfit_Children.package

Beauty and the Beast Costumes

Download SIL_Belle_FormalDress_Children.package

Download SIL_PrinceAdam_Outfit_Children.package

Aladdin Costumes

Download SIL_Aladdin_Outfit_Children.package

Download SIL_Aladdin_Hat_Children.package

Download SIL_Jasmine_Outfit_Children.package

Download SIL_Jasmine_Hairband_Children.package

Download SIL_Jasmine_Necklace_Children.package

Download SIL_Jasmine_Earrings_Children.package

Download SIL_Jasmine_Shoes_Children.package

Pocahontas Costumes

Download SIL_Pocahontas_Dress_Children.package

Download SIL_Pocahontas_Necklace_Children.package

Download SIL_JohnSmith_Outfit_Children.package

Frozen Costumes

Download SIL_Elsa_Dress_Children.package

Download SIL_Elsa_Veil_Children.package

Download SIL_Anna_Dress_Children.package

Download SIL_Anna_Cloak_Children.package

5 comentarios:

  1. Omg so many kids' clothes, this is HEAVEN! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  2. Thank you very much!!! I'm glad you like them ;)

  3. Hello, I was trying to find Anna's dress for adult sims, and can't find it anywhere, I only found the coronation one, but not the blue and black one, neither the cloak. Looks like it was here but you erased the entry? I was wondering if you could please please please reupload it? I love your work, I like a lot costumes and fairy tales, thanks for sharing your creations!

    1. Here it is a .rar file with my custom content for Frozen Sims:

  4. The To kids in Sleeping Beauty costumes look like Dawn and Day from the original fairytale.