domingo, 24 de junio de 2018

Jaws Ride Community Lot

Hi my dear Simmers!!!
I have made the Jaws Ride as a community lot. It is a large park.
Enjoy it!!!

You need all the EP's to play with it.

Download JAWS RIDE.Sims3Pack

Download GONDOLA_Boat.package/file (It is a clone of the Gondola set from the Sims 3 Store)

I used this set:

I used Master Controller mod in order to make invisible the Gondola tracks:

Download Animatronic_Jaws_Normal.package/file

Download Animatronic_Jaws_LightTower.package/file

Download Animatronic_Jaws_LightTower_Tilt.package/file

Download Animatronic_Jaws_Swimmer_LightTower.package/file

Download Animatronic_Jaws_Quint_LightTower.package/file

Download Animatronic_Jaws_Diver_LightTower.package/file

Download Animatronic_Jaws_Barrel.package/file

Download Animatronic_Jaws_Barrel_Floating.package/file

Download Jaws_AmityIsland_Painting.package/file

Download Hanging_Shark_Decor.package/file

Download Lighthouse_Deco.package/file

You have to turn on the animatronic in order to make them move. (They are clones of the lightower and the toy train)

The human models for the animatronics are from Deviantart:

2 comentarios:

  1. I love your creations!
    Can you make the Rapunzel dress?

  2. Hi! Thank you. I will but I have some other projects to do before ;)