viernes, 1 de marzo de 2013

Bruce Lee Sim + Jeet Kune Do Poses

Hi Simmers!!!
I've created a sim of Bruce Lee. A man that I love and respect because of his humility, his goodness, his amazing way of seeing life, his philosophy, his strenght and his great physical skills. That's why I wanted to create a sim based on him and some poses based on his own Jeet Kune Do fighting style.
You need World Adventures and Late Night EP's to use fit sliders.
Enjoy and be water my friends ;)

Download Bruce Lee Sim
Download SIL_BruceLee_Shirt
Download SIL_BruceLee_Pants
Download SIL_BruceLee_StripeJumper
Download SIL_BruceLee_StripePants
Download SIL_BruceLee_NudeTopScars
Download SIL_BruceLee_CostumeMakeupScars
Download SIL_BruceLee_Shoes

You will need:
Sizz's HaNui Hair Conversion by My Blue Book:


Download JeetKuneDo Poses (With List)

6 comentarios:

  1. Bruce Lee is one of my favorites. Good Job on the poses.

  2. I want the pose of last picture, I´m talking about boys hug pciture, please give the link.

  3. Hi!!! The pose is from EA, from the game itself. You just have to type the name of the pose in the Poseplayer's blank. You can find the name here:

  4. The long mantle on the last picture is so cool. Could you tell me from where it is? Much thanks!

  5. Are you talking about the Crow's one? You can find it here, it's one of my entries: