Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Perseus and Medusa

Hi my dear Simmers. I made two characters based on one of my favourite mythological stories, Perseus and Medusa.
I hope you like them.

Important: You need all the EP's to play with the two sims.


Download Perseus Sim
Download SIL_Perseus_Top
Download SIL_Perseus_Skirt
Download SIL_Perseus_Sandals
Download SIL_Perseus_Helmet_Accessory
Download SIL_Perseus_Shield_Accessory
Download SIL_Perseus_Sickle-Sword_Accessory

You need:
Asian Skin by Lemonleaf:


Download Medusa Sim
Download Medusa_Body
Download Medusa_Headdress
(Be careful if you want to download the headdress because it is a high polygoned mesh)

You need:
My Visitor's lenses:

Taste the Rainbow Skintones by Lady Frontbum (Olive & Umber Naughty Skintones):

I made Medusa as a vampire because I wanted her to have glowing eyes. But I changed the typical vampire skin with this mod by Misukisu:

Bows Accessories by Cloudwalker:

If you want the Dead Head as Accessory, you can find it here:
Download SIL_Dead_Head_Accessory


  1. :D!♥ Me encanta !! Medusa, muy buena ☆ gracias por hacer estas cosas tan maravillosas y necesarias


  2. I've been waiting for something like Medusa and now you do that! Thank you so much<3

  3. Oooh, where are those statues from? Just curious!

  4. I LOVE IT ALL~!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!

  5. Wow this is awesome! Thank you, now I can make some nagas. All I would need now to complete my fantasy world are some satyrs : )

  6. Thank you!!! I'm glad that everybody likes it. The statues are medieval conversions and you can find it here: (Find the thread by Cocomama)

  7. This is absolutely incredible ! Bravissimo !! And the pictures are so very beautiful !
    I was searching a Medusa body for a long time !
    Thank you so much !


  8. Cool! I very like your blog! Meduza end Perseus is fantastic end amanzing. Thank you.

    Bardzo lubię twój blog. Ale naprawdę. Nie umiem za bardzo języka angielskiego. Właściwie pochodzę z Polski. I'm from to Poland. I not good speak english.


    1. Thank you Wolverine!!! I don't speak Polish so I've had to use Google translator XD ... Thank you again for your nice words ;)

  9. Medusa is very beautiful !!!! I love this two charcaters !! :-D I speak french now : C'est magnifique ! Meduse est... très bien reproduite, j'adore ses yeux ! Les poses sont incroyables !! Merci Sil Sharkie !!!!!!!!!

  10. I am stunned.
    I had to download everything Perseus. Thank you so much for creating these!

    Like I wrote before, I am embarking on creating a story set in Antiquity, and it is so hard to find appropriate outfits, especially for males.

    I do love these. Thanks again.

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