martes, 24 de mayo de 2016

Walt Disney's Cinderella Characters

Hi my dear Simmers.
I have made Cinderella's characters.
I hope you like them.


Download CINDERELLA.Sims3Pack

Download SIL_Cinderella_BallGown.package

Download SIL_Cinderella_Hair.package

Download SIL_Cinderella_Hairband.package

Download SIL_Cinderella_Earrings.package

Lady Tremaine Stepmother

Download Lady Tremaine Stepmother.Sims3Pack

Download SIL_LadyTremaine_Dress.package

Download SIL_LadyTremaine_Hair.package

Download SIL_LadyTremaine_Brooch.package


Download SIL_Stepsister_Dress.package


Download Drizella Stepsister.Sims3Pack

Download SIL_DrizellaStepsister_Hair.package

Download SIL_DrizellaStepsister_Bow.package


Download Anastasia Stepsister.Sims3Pack

Download SIL_AnastasiaStepsister_Hair.package

Download SIL_AnastasiaStepsister_HairComb.package


Download Prince Cinderella.Sims3Pack

Download SIL_PrinceCinderella_Outfit.package

Fairy Godmother

Download Fairy Godmother.Sims3Pack

Download SIL_FairyGodmother_Dress.package

Download SIL_FairyGodmother_Hair.package

Download SIL_FairyGodmother_Hood.package

Download SIL_Cinderella_WorkDress.package

Download SIL_Cinderella_WorkHair.package

Download SIL_Cinderella_HeadClothing.package

10 comentarios:

  1. hello I love every creation that you did, I wanted to know if you are going to
    convert disney creation the sims 4 ( excuse me for my english I'm french)

  2. you forgot cinderella 2 shoes and lady Tremaine shoes and two stepsisters shoes and Fairy Godmother shoes and prince shoes??

  3. Drizella and Cinderella work version's doesn't work! How can i make it work??

  4. I don't understand. What's the problem. You can't install them in your game? Try this:

    Extract the Sims3pack with this program, and install the Sim file in you savedsims carpet.

  5. Where I can found the poses? This page don't run

  6. Can you share cinderella pose when she fit the shoe ? And when the sleeping beauty prick her finger ? Thanks a lot ! :D Amazing works I love your creations and espescially the Oz one ^^ Please continue to share your work with us :D