domingo, 14 de agosto de 2016

70's Disco Odissey Community Lot and Donna Summer Sim

Hi my dear Simmers.
I'm a great lover of Disco music from the 70's and I wanted to build a community lot for making my own sims enjoy the magic of that period. It's called Disco Odissey to honour the movie called Saturday Night Fever. Furthermore I have created Donna Summer Sim who is the Queen of Disco Music for me, I love watching her singing her song Last Dance in the movie Thank God it's Friday. I have made a video trying to recreate that scene with the Sims 3.
Hope you enjoy ;)

IMPORTANT: You need all the EP's to play with the lot and the 70's, 80's 90's Stuff Pack (Just for the Dance Floor)

A video made by me with the Sims 3 inspired in the scene from the movie "Thank God it's Friday" in which Donna Summer sings her song "Last Dance":

70's Disco Odissey Community Lot (Disco Club)


Download Cumminity Lot DISCO+ODISSEY.Sims3Pack

You will need:

D&M Creations Metal cell cage:

ABC Luminos by Pilar39mx:

Funky Disco Lamp Ball by Abuk0:

Baroccina Kitchen set (Curtains) by VitaSims:

Venetians Bedroom Set (Curtains) by VitaSims:

Garnier Set (Arch) by SimsKey:

Saturday Night Fever by ItalianGirl629:

Gothic Fence by SimsLulamai:

Donna Summer Sim

Download DONNA SUMMER.Sims3Pack

You will need:

Lemonleaf skin B 2.5:

SAU-MyoS-Female-Hair 14:

Mirror Sequin Tank Dress by Harmonia:

V Neck Sequin Dress by Melisa Inci:

Lemonleaf Spring Flower Accessory:

2 comentarios:

  1. OMG! I loved it! I love everything about Disco and 70's! <3 Thank you very much for sharing with us!!

    P.s.: Yaaaaay! Donna Summer! I used to hear about her because my dad, who appreciate her songs. Hehehe =)

  2. Thank you!!! So your dad has a good taste in music ;) Seriously, it was one of the best periods for the music of the 20th century and I love the 80's as well. Thank you very much for your comment.