viernes, 18 de agosto de 2017

Terrorist Attack Black Ribbon Accessory

Hello my dear simmers.
This creation is the saddest one I have ever made.
I am from Barcelona, Spain. We had a terrorist attack yesterday in La Rambla, one of the most crowded places in Barcelona. As a result, there were people killed and injured. Furthermore, in Cambrils, Tarragona, in Catalonia too, there were people attacked by terrorists with knives and some of the victims died.
This is just a way of expression to tell that I am against terrorism but at the same time, I respect Muslim Religion, because Muslim Religion is NOT the same as Terrorism.
Barcelona and Tarragona, Spain are victims of Terrorism, the same as other countries in Europe and the rest of the World. It has to be stopped.
Thank you very much for taking the time of reading this.
Kisses and hugs from Barcelona.

Download SIL_TerroristAttackBlackRibbon_Accessory_Female.package

Download SIL_TerroristAttackBlackRibbon_Accessory_Male.package

It is located in the Necklace Category

La Rambla in Barcelona (Font de Canaletes)

The white dove with the olive branch is the Peace symbol.

The flowers and the Teddy Bears are the tribute to the dead victims, including the children who sadly died because of the Terrorist attack.

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