jueves, 12 de octubre de 2017

Michael Jackson sim and Thriller Cinema Community Lot + Ola Ray and Vincent Price Sims

Hello my dear Simmers.
Halloween is coming so here it is my gift for you.
I have created Michael Jackson Sim with his Thriller outfit and his co-stars in the video, Ola Ray and the great Vincent Price.
I hope you enjoy these:

Michael Jackson Sim:

Download Michael Jackson

Ola Ray Sim:

Download Ola Ray Sim

Vincent Price Sim:

Download Vincent Price

You need Lemonleaf skin for the 3 Sims:


Michael Jackson Thriller Outfit:

Download SIL_MichaelJackson_ThrillerOutfit.package

Michael Jackson hair ( It is Cherub Curly Hair by HystericalParoxysm) I have edited it:

Download MichaelJacksonThrillerHair.package

Original by HystericalParoxysm:

Ola Ray Jacket (Edited by me):

Download OlaRay_Thriller_Jacket.package

Ola Ray hair by GlorianaSims:

Vincent Price:

Medieval Stache by Cupcakes taste like Violence:

Michael Jackson Sports Jacket:

Download MichaelJacksonThriller_WerewolfJacket.package

Werewolf Mask and claws accessories:

Download SIL_MichaelJackson_Thriller_Werewolf_Accessories.package

Download Cinema Thriller Community Lot


Architectural Structures made by SimsLulamai (Her website is no longer available, buit there's another link with her content):

Or you can find SimsLulamai Content here (Link provided by Ktar):

CaféBreakSet_SodaMachine by Mensure:

Shop from Inventory Mod by Ani_ (Read the instructions to know how to use it):

Or you can find it at NRaas Industries too (Link provided by Ktar):

Consignment Cash Register by Around the Sims 3:

You need the Chest-like PopCorn box in order to sell the edible Popcorn and Cocacola but I can't find it in the Around the Sims 3 website. Anyway, you can use it one of these (Read the instructions to know how to use it):

And decor content by Around the Sims 3:

The Uber-Warch Flat-Panel HD Experience by CharlieSteel:

Thriller Sign Painting:

Download SIL_Thriller_Sign_Cinema.package

Horror Movie Posters:

Download SIL_VincentPrice_Movie_Posters.package

Download SIL_ClassicHorrorMovies_1.package

Download SIL_ClassicHorrorMovies_2.package

Download SIL_ClassicHorrorMovies_3.package

Cinema Edibles:

Cinema Popcorn (Cloned from the Ice.Cream Snack):

Download Cinema_Popcorn.package

Cinema Coca Cola (Cloned from the Juice Snack):

Download Cinema_Coca-Cola.package

Dancing with Michael Jackson...

Animation dance found in  Umpa's blog:

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  1. This is awesome, and I just spent the last hour reminiscing and watching old Michael Jackson videos. xD Thank you for sharing! I also thought maybe I could help with a couple of links below.

    Current version, FAQ, etc. of 'Shop from Inventory' mod is here: http://nraas.wikispaces.com/Shop+From+Inventory

    I couldn't find any working links on the page you linked to for Luna's content, but I do have a link to an upload of her content here: https://mega.nz/#F!NIsR3JAb!-2e_1UWE3AMCEgkKRYXO1A!NYMnlYoB

  2. Thank you!!! I have added the links in the description. Thank you very much for your help ;)